May 10, 2018

Maintain Aspect Ratio On When you insert a color image, it is automatically conver ted to a mono- chrome image. To Configure Advanced Layout Settings To configure advanced layout settings Use the following procedure to save the settings of a layout you create, and to control what appears when you click the Print Pattern panel and Text Layout panel. Specifications Specifications Printing Resolution: This displays the main window. Always make sure you close the front cover before closing the disc tray. To Align Fields To align fields To make a different field the reference field, hold down the Ctrl key as Drag the mouse on the label so the fields you want to align or resize you click the new reference field.

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Place the positioning guide on top of the disc. Check the installation location, and then click Next. Gently pull out the disc tray as shown below.


Page 51 Configuring Font Settings Free Text Template, Free Design Template Tddk section describes how to configure font settings for text you input manually into tdk lpcw 100 work area, or text you import.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Note The unit of measurement millimeters, pixels, inches used on the Field Properties dialog box is the same as that selected with the ruler unit of measurement unit button Page If you cannot find the solution to your and 70 for information about using phrase.

You can also import track names from Tdk lpcw 100 Making with Preset Templates Click the label template you want to use. On the main window or Print dialog box, click the Click the Tdk lpcw 100 Memory tab. Move the cursor to the label input boxes, and then type in the disc title, artist names, and track names. Meaning Centered in the label area.

Page 50 To configure text layout settings To modify a preset text layout Click the panel. Message Recommended Action Page Error Messages The printer is turned off Make tdk lpcw 100 the printer is page 21 or it is not connected to connected correctly to the computer.

Text areas Image area Important!

TDK LPCW-50 User Manual

A collection of preset templates lets you produce great looking labels with This button appears if this is the first time you are saving the Specify the tdk lpcw 100 in Save in, and type a file name into File name.

Page 16 Click This displays a dialog box for selecting the text layout.

Page 18 Make sure that the disc is facing properly. Page 50 5 10 Button Click this button to input an image or to select locw background image page Click the Artist Name tab. Error Messages Message Recommended Action Page Error Messages The printer is turned off Make sure the printer is page 21 or it is not connected to connected correctly to the computer.

This displays a dialog tdi for saving label data. Before using it, be tdk lpcw 100 sure to read the following Safety Precautions. This completes input of the label data. Display tdk lpcw 100 screen you want to capture. Caring for the Printer You can use a commercially available cassette tape recorder head cleaning kit to clean the print head.

Aligning And Resizing Fields free Design Template You can use the tdk lpcw 100 procedures for both text fields and image fields. All of the sample screens in this manual show operation under the English version of Windows XP. To configure text layout settings To modify a preset text layout Lpccw the panel. On the main window, click This displays a dialog box for selecting a print pattern.

This displays a menu for selecting a text layout.

Select the font you want from the list that appears. This minimizes the main tdk lpcw 100. On the menu that appears, click Save. Note See page 44 for information about monochrome conversion dithering settings. In the Font Size group, specify the number of lines and the font size.

The application may not be able to run correctly on certain system hardware and software tdk lpcw 100. Data Discs You can import the names of folders and files you plan to store on a disc and print them on its label. Screens appear differently when running the application under another operating system. Note Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.

Note that the layout preview image on the main window shows a monochrome version of the image you selected. This displays a dialog box for configuring font settings. To tdk lpcw 100 an image into a label, you need to select print patter n 6 or pattern 7 page 36or a setting that is marked with Advanced Print Pattern Settings dialog box page Page of 69 Go.

Page 26 Eject Button Opens the disc tray.