Print Module, , Move the paper thickness lever 4 to the position D. Paper moves backwards during a tear-off cycle, and sometimes this causes a tiny error in vertical registration. Page The nine flight time patterns rows of broken vertical lines correspond to the nine velocity ranges used in the printer. Page 21 Seat the cartridge on the Place the cartridge down in the printer about where it should go and ribbon drive spindle.. Apply a small amount of alcohol or water to a soft cloth.

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Page 32 from left to right. Maintenance and Troubleshooting This printer requires very little regular maintenance other than replacing ribbons. Buffer Options There can be as much as 4K of buffer capacity downstream of the input buffer.

Page 15 Inserting the Ribbon Cartridge 1. If the gap is too small, characters will smudge and the ribbon may snag on genicom la36n print wires. TallyGenicomgenicom la36n, XT. Contact Us We look forward to helping you attain the world-class printing technology that best meets your needs and welcome genicmo inquiries.

Make sure that the paper is loaded in the tractors that correspond to the paper path selection. The length of the serial interface cable must be meters genicom la36n or less.

Install The Ribbon Install genicom la36n Ribbon The printer must be powered up before a ribbon can be installed. Any continuous envelopes designed for impact-matrix henicom should work well in this printer, but test an envelope design before committing to it.

Tilt the acoustic genicom la36n 1 towards the front of the printer 2.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Seat the cartridge on the Place the cartridge down in the printer about where it should go and ribbon genicom la36n spindle.

Tally Genicom TI Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons, Printheads, Supplies

If paper did not load, take it out of the tractors and pull the jammed genicom la36n out of genicom la36n printer from the tractor side and try again with a new sheet. Genicom la36n the rear door Pull the genicom la36n tension To disengage the lever pin from the hole in the side frame. Turn the ribbon advance knob clockwise and feel the ribbon drive gears turning in the printer. As character-imaging devices have come to support more symbols, such as line-draw symbols and characters from non-English alphabets, a common method for transmitting these additional characters is to use the eighth bit for data.

Allemaal online met veel inkt compatible en originele hp canon etc If the print quality remains poor, turn off the printer and contact your dealer for assistance. Options and Supplies Ribbons Ribbon Cartridge Black Ribbon Cartridge, 15M. Tips For Continuous Forms As the paper supply begins to run low, remove the remaining paper stack from the box and place it beneath the printer.

The printer is now in the LCD menu.


Setting Emulation Options Emulation option settings can only genicom la36n viewed from the printed menu. Remove the new ribbon cartridge from its package. Status Sheet A status sheet can be genocom that shows how the printer genicom la36n presently configured the active format is printed. If the previous active format has not been saved to a stored format, all settings in the previous active format are lost.

Genicom 3870 User Manual

To exit the vertical alignment function without benicom changes, turn the printer off. Select your model below: TallyGenicom was acquired by Printronix in Move genicom la36n paper thickness lever 4 to the genicom la36n D. Paper tension and print head gap settings may interact. Printing a Test Page under NT 4.

It is easier to clean the printer when the front cover, the cut sheet stand, and back cover are removed. Avoid spilling alcohol or water inside genicom la36n printer.

User parameters that are not reset are the flight-time compensation adjustment see “Adjust the Flight-Time Compensation”, Chapter 11 and the load length adjustment genicom la36n Chapter 8. To recover, press the Tear Off key and tear off the form in the current path. The print head moves back a certain distance and then forward again for genicom la36n that distance.

Apply a small amount of alcohol genicom la36n water to a soft cloth. Printhead, 24 wire, T Make sure the voltage on.