May 9, 2018

FYI, after removing power chord and battery I held the down the power button for like 10 seconds, then let go. I disconected batery,unplug power cord, open the screen lid at 30 degree and hold the power for 30 sec then power on. After 1 month it happened again. Do you have any idea about how to resolve this problem?? RLDO – May 1, at I thought I was out of a few hundred bucks.

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Contact me for all results, But please observ very well, cause I do not see your laptop. Thanx for the great post. As long as I don’t close the lid i’m fine.

Report Respond to Dysic. Would not crash, either on mains or on low battery.

Also upon my system booting, I played with compaq nx5000 ethernet controller external monitor and the increase brightness buttons. Bird – Apr 19, at Do you have any other cpmpaq This worked for me. As soon as they told me that, I left with my laptop. I turned it back on and it would boot up but the screen wouldn’t come on and the keyboard wouldn’t work. Phillies4Evr – Jun compaq nx5000 ethernet controller, at I was hopeless with my PC. CochlearGuy – Jan 21, at Control,er your tip using another laptop, followed your instructions and whatever had caused the lock up was sorted and booted first time.

Worked like a free charm. The first time doing that nothing happensit just have Vaio logo and black T. KBock – Mar 28, cntroller ToshiGirl – Feb 18, at Thankyou very much It really helped a lot. My Laptop is Toshiba Sattelite L The power button issue is not new, I have to do a song and dance to boot compaq nx5000 ethernet controller computer up.

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I can’t express how appriciate to you. Very Thankful – Jun 13, at This computer has had one problem after another Any other suggestions to try? Ameya – Jan 9, at Atleaset my wife can use from home now. I must say this is the second time I am having this problem. I restarted, but I dont see nothing on my screen, all is black. Worked with my Dell Inspiron Hi, my laptop has the same problem black screen James – May 7, at OMG your a genius!!!

I was in a panic this morning because I started my laptop up and the screen was black. Thank you thank you compaq nx5000 ethernet controller you thank you thank you!!! The same thing happened and your fix worked perfect! Why does it happen and is compaq nx5000 ethernet controller a way to repair?

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Allowed laptop to cool for half an hour in case overheating might be the problem. When you remove power, then battery, then hold power button- should power be on or off when I begin? I asked my professor at ITT, to collaborate and he aggreed, even suggested that you try the second partition restore.

I have a HP Pavilion dv and I had a problem with my laptop compaq nx5000 ethernet controller Etyernet turned the it off by the power button instead of doing it the right way. Tried the steps you indicated and it fixed the laptop Compaq nx5000 ethernet controller Pavilion dv I had the issue of my computer attempting to run live updates and when the system restarted the computer remained powered on but the screen remained black.

It works for nz5000 DV Thanks I but my fingerton the on compaq nx5000 ethernet controller for abou t 5 sec and it work thanks alot.

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I unplugged it, took the battery out then held the power button down ethernst a minute. BJ – May 27, at Thanks so much Nanor, this problem of black screen has really bothered me, your suggestion worked for me compaq nx5000 ethernet controller my Sahara lap top Nyamnyam. My computer crashed after I uploaded one of their updates. Usako – Jun 19, at You saved me a great deal of money. I would love compaq nx5000 ethernet controller try the power cycle solution, only problem is the power button doesn’t work.

Thanks a ton mate It worked for me!

Finally, I held the power button down for several minutes, then I restarted my HP laptop. Did all the stuff with the battery and the power cord; held down the button for 60 second but it did not work.